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Hutchinson-Maylac Gold Mine Project

The Geraldton-Beardmore Greenstone belt as seen some nineteen (19) producing mines in the area over the years, with most recently the Greenstone Gold and Equinox Gold Hardrock Open Pit Mine, which is on the Southern border of Town with 7.1 M oz Au where construction is underway and on schedule to pour gold by Q1 2024.

The Hutchison/Maylac Gold Mine project was one of the richest mines in the area. It is located in Fulford Township, Geraldton, Ontario and is comprised of 40 claim cell units totaling approx. 2000 acres. The discovery began with an article in the Globe & Mail that reported Bonanza results from 13 bulk samples that ranged from 2.0 to 20.6 oz/ton/gold.

Historic data shows that underground mining took place on and off from 1937 to 1947. The property has only seen shallow drilling and was only mined to a depth of around 400ft

Going Forward

We have identified many areas of interest that will need follow-up including the workings of the historic Hutchison/Maylac Gold Mine and many other gold showings covering the west area, indicating a gold trend for a strike length of about 2.5 kilometres.

The Results that will need to be followed-up include 11.6 oz/ton/gold (360.80 g/t/Au) across 1.3 feet, 1.84 oz/ton/gold (57.23 g/t/Au) across 2.25 ftandvein number 1 located 100 ft due south of the shaft in surface pits which gave results of 0.87 oz/ton/gold (23.63 g/t/Au) across 2.67 ft plus vein number 4 located 130 north of the shaft yielded results of 0.55 oz/ton/gold (17.10 g/t/Au) over 1.5 ft for a length of 90 ft.

Of additional interest is a cross-sectional drill hole number 34A, which cut what appears to be the westward extension of the number 4 vein gave an average of 0.76 oz/ton/gold (27.06 g/t/Au) over 4.5 ft at a point 40ft above and 30ft west of the first level. Also of importance is a flat hole structure westward from the second level, which cut 5.6 oz/ton/gold (174.17 g/t/Au) over 1.3 ft.

Vein number 5 located 270 ft north of the shaft gave a length of 120 ft averaging 0.55 oz/ton/gold (17.10 g/t/Au) across 2.5 ft. Another drill hole located approximately 560 ft north of the shaft gave high-grade results of 13.52 oz/ton/gold (420.51 g/t /Au) over 1.1 ft and 140 east of the shaft gave results of 24.16 oz/ton/gold (751.46 g/t Au) over 1.9 ft. All these high-grade veins will need to be investigated thoroughly.

We have also identified more drill targets based from a Mag & VLF survey that was completed years after the mine closed west of the shaft which indicates a mineralized trend extending westward from the old mine workings. Of special interest (great priority target) is an isolated Mag high flanked by a Mag low (Bullseye) at the east end of Dionne Lake.

The data also shows that the previous miners also didn’t do any development work on the 300 foot (3rd) level. They didn’t stope between levels to access and mine all the little blowout pockets. They didn’t mine the No.1 vein because their crosscut to access it was not successful at connecting to it underground. And lastly, stopping operations at the 400 feet (4th) level, they may have stopped short of the of where the mine may have become more profitable.

We at Golden Rapture Mining believe that the story at this Hutchison/Maylac Mine project is far from over and we intend to fully explore this project with all the modern exploration methods, tools and techniques.

Map of 20 added claims