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The Phillips Township Gold Project

The Golden Rapture Mining Phillip Township High-Grade Gold Project is located in close proximity to two major gold deposits: The producing New Gold Rainy River Mine (+8 million Oz. gold) and the Cameron Lake Deposit (on east side of Kakagi Lake /Cameron Lake) – approx. 1.8 million Oz. gold.  

The property is easily accessed year-round via Hwy 71 with hard packed trails to the gold occurrences. It’s located 75 kms. from Kenora and 80 kms. from Fort Francis, NW Ontario, Canada. A major power line also crosses the property in a north-south direction. Good local infrastructure, manpower, heavy duty equipment, hospital and local services are also nearby.

View of the Phillip Township project with several other projects in the surrounding area

Gold was first discovered on this property during the 1897 gold rush and worked on and off until 2005. It was held by local prospectors for many decades. Its true potential was never developed with detailed exploration and drilling until 1980,1984 and then again in 2017 when additional significant exploration breakthroughs began. 

The property has many gold showings but there are five with significant importance. They are the Combined Prospect, the Mascott Mine, the Trojan Mine, the Boulder Occurrence and the Young’s Bay Occurrence. 

The Combined Prospect is host to an open pit-able gold deposit of 349,987 ounces (inferred). This is a conservative estimate number based on the size of the present orebody and probable extension along strike and to depth of the zone. Visible gold samples were also removed from previous sampling and analysis of the core which would have yielded spectacular gold values if not removed. Long sections of core were also not split or assayed (thus leaving gaps even in altered and mineralized core). 

It consists of twelve shafts, numerous pits, trenches and lateral underground workings which were developed on a flat-lying vein system that dips gently to the northwest at a low angle. Most of the gold is free-milling with little metallurgical/ processing problems. The ore or high-grade concentrates could also be shipped to the producing Rainy River New Gold Mine located less than 50 kms away.    

The Mascott Mine also has four shafts and one adit developed on its gold-bearing vein system. 

The Trojan Mine with four surface pits, numerous trenches and very little pitting or shafting, again on a surface exposure of gold-bearing quartz-carbonate veining along a hillside for over 150 metres. 

The Boulder Occurrence consists of two surface pits along a surface exposure quartz-carbonate sulphides along a contact zone in the Southwest corner of the property near the shores of Lake of the Woods. 

The Young’s Bay Occurrence is totally different than all the other occurrences. Two quartz veins parallel each other and are separated by 30 metres of low ground which follows the same strike direction as the veining. (Fe-Carb, banded iron formation in appearance, chemical sediments). Previous grab sample gold results as high as 252.00 g/ton.  

Coarse Visible Gold from one of many quartz veins on our project

A chip/grab sampling program conducted on these occurrences in May of 2017 consisting of 58 samples returned gold values save for three. The best values were re-assayed for total metallics content and they were: Combined prospect sampling: #747425 returned 49.6 g/ton and #747428, 14.0 g/ton.

Mascott showing sampling: #747421 returned 69.7 g/ton and #747422, 11.7 g/ton. Young’s Bay twin vein prospect sampling: #747445 returned 12.15 g/ton, #854607, 47.1 gr per ton, #854608, 13.35 g/ton and #854609, 45.6 g/ton. The lowest value was 5.0 g/t. 

All of these gold occurrences except for the Young’s Bay occurrence seem to line up having the same trend with a general pre-disposed NNE strike. The quartz veins seen on surface at the 5 main occurrences vary from 5 to 8 ft wide and most have only seen very limited surface exploration in the past.

Coarse visible gold (native gold) was observed and can be a common occurrence on parts of the property. (Deepest hole ever drilled 220 ft.) 

Discussion of Recent Breakthrough Results  

Of key importance are the results of a 10 hole shallow drilling program (deepest hole 75 metres with 25 metre spacing) that was conducted in 2017 at the Combined Prospect area which ran out of funds but intersected gold in every hole.  

Stacked zones intersected below: The great significance was that this drilling did confirm that in two holes, the mineralization in quartz veining actually occurred within the sheared mafic volcanics units outside the silicified altered felsic units (continued on and remain open in three directions.) One can see at least two distinct alteration zones that appear to be in en-echelon, stacked and gently dipping to the north. The widths of the zone appear to get wider towards the west as well. High-grade gold drill results included 63.8 g/ton over a metre and 12.02 g/ton over 6.5 metres. (Never followed-up) 

The program was shut down early due to budget constraints but in retrospect, since the results were not available to the field staff for over a month from the last drilling date, it would have been better to have the full results after each hole in order to plan the next drill holes to zero in on the more consistent mineralization especially where it widens in the westerly direction. It was also not evident from the logging that the mineralization (mainly pyrite) indicated where the gold values were reporting. Immediate follow up will be needed. 

Also present in the units were quartz-feldspar porphyries, quartz diorites, iron rich gabbros and fine grained mafic dykes. The presence of multiple intrusive units, especially gabbros and QFP’s, mirrors the mineralogy of the Cameron Lake 1.8 million Oz. gold deposit located across the Lake. 

We at Golden Rapture Mining believe that this project has high-potential to easily become both a major open pit deposit and an underground mine. The company intends to capitalize on the past mistakes, lack of funding and the latest game changing findings of the previous explorers that weren’t followed up. Our primary near-term goal will be to focus on continuing to prove out the great potential of this high-grade gold project by initiating a very modern detailed and systematic exploration program with the ultimate goal of shipping ore or high-grade concentrates to the nearby New Gold Rainy River Mine located only 50 kms away.

Source of info: MNDM Database/MDI files, Government assessment files, Vanity Capital Inc. 2017 inferred resource calculation. The Company’s review of the historical records and information reasonably substantiate the validity of the historical information presented here; however, the Company cannot directly verify the accuracy of the historical data, including the procedures used for sample collection and analysis. Therefore, the Company encourages investors to exercise appropriate caution when evaluating the historical results that might not be NI 43-101 compliant. 

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