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Golden Rapture Mining Corp Reports High-Grade Gold Results

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Edmonton, Alberta, March 26, 2024 -Golden Rapture Mining Corporation [CSE- GLDR] (“Golden Rapture” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce very successful initial surface sampling results from its 100% owned Phillips Township Property, Rainy River District, Nestor Falls, NW Ontario.

Golden Rapture Mining is a new issuer that recently commenced trading on the CSE on March 12, 2024.

Golden Rapture’s flagship property is the Phillips Township Property located in a Tier 1 mining jurisdiction near the New Gold Rainy River Gold Mine, NW Ontario.  It is comprised of 236 contiguous claim cells totaling over 10,000 acres with underexplored past producing high-grade gold occurrences, phenomenal infrastructure, easy access, and low costs of exploration.

The property is truly a treasure chest of forgotten golden opportunities hosting an impressive eighteen (18) mine shafts with visible gold having been recorded historically & recently. Of great significance is the fact that the majority of the gold-bearing systems also have parallel systems.

To date, our prospecting team has conducted two sample programs across our Phillips Township Property. Of the total 213 random samples that were collected and analyzed, 189 returned gold values which is a rarity in the industry. This represents an astonishing 86% of our samples containing gold.

The Phillips Township Property has many gold systems with eight (8) of them having received the most attention so far which include: The Combined Mine, Trojan Mine, Boulder Mine, Mascotte Mine, Young’s Bay Occurrence, Terrell Occurrence, OGS and the Kuluk Occurrences. There have currently been no drill holes below 90 metres.

1. Combined Mine: Of main importance are four main veins (three steeply dipping & one large flat-lying up to 12 meters thick with 762 metres of strike length). It has seven shafts with some drifting with many trenches, pits, and visible gold documented. The Abandoned Mine Inventory System (AMIS) reports that the mine operated twice, 1898-1901 and 1903-1905 with no records of production. Recent sampling results as high as 125.00 g/t/Au.

2. Young’s Bay Occurrence: Has six (6) parallel quartz veins, four of which have visible gold with 262 meters in strike length. In 1949, approximately 7.3 tonnes of material was taken from shaft #1 to a depth up to 3.7 meters having an astonishing grade of 769.81 g/t/Au. Recent sampling results as high as 204.00 g/t/Au.

3. Trojan Mine: Has three (3) shafts, four surface pits, and numerous trenches. In 1897, test pits were blasted and shaft #3 was sunk to 55 meters on the No.2 vein which was traced for 120 meters. There are also a total of seven (7) parallel quartz veins on the hilltops ranging from 0.5 metres up to 3.6 meters wide and trending north-south with vein #3 being 275 meters in length. No drilling has been reported. Recent sampling results as high as 43.70 g/t/Au.

4. Boulder Occurrence: Hosts two (2) parallel veins with two shafts being 300 meters apart in 1899. Main shaft was sunk down to 90 meters with four levels and the second shaft was sunk 21.3 metres deep. The main vein has 800 metres of strike length with visible gold documented. Very little data is available and has not been sampled recently.

5. Mascotte Mine Area: In 1897, development at the Mascotte Mine consisted of three (3) shafts and one adit on four (4) parallel quartz veins with an average of 1.0 to 1.5 meters in width. Visible gold was observed within these veins along the sheared contact of mafic metavolcanics basalts with quartz-diorite and feldspar porphyry intrusive dykes and sills. One shaft is 11.4 meters deep with a 5 meters north-trending adit plunging 30°. No exploration recorded for over the last 100 years. Recent sample results as high as 66.02 g/t/Au.

6. Terrell Occurrence: Five veins.

7. OGS Occurrence: One vein.

8. Kuluk occurrence: One vein. It is the first time that these separate gold systems are all part of a single property and therefore a more comprehensive and systematic exploration program using modern exploration techniques is now possible.


Treasure Chest of Forgotten Golden Opportunities in the Rainy River Mine Area

Mr. Richard Rivet, CEO of Golden Rapture, commented:

“I am extremely pleased that we have just made some very important and rapid steps toward identifying additional high-grade drill-ready targets. We were pleasantly surprised to discover so many high-grade quartz veins on surface with the majority of them carrying gold. Unlike many exploration companies, we are not just chasing the typical geophysical anomaly but also, many wide high-grade gold structures identified on the surface that can be drilled at any time as seen in the pictures below."

photo group

"Of greater importance is the fact that many of the high-grade gold occurrences also plot on the margins of magnetic highs on total magnetic field maps apart from the Young’s Bay occurrence which is located in an area of high magnetics and is clearly illustrated in the figure below."

"It is evident from this figure that the Property maybe subdivided into three zones divided by major interpreted NW-SE faults where six (6) of the eight (8) occurrences are close to these structures."



Quick History of the Property

Exploration in the area is said to have started around 1885 when a large number of gold discoveries were made and where many properties were brought into production during what became known as the ‘Lake of the Woods Gold Rush’.

The gold rush was short-lived when most prospectors stampeded to the Klondike in 1897. The Phillips Township gold discovery began in 1894 till 1905 when many shafts and adits were dug.

The property saw very limited modern exploration until other new gold discoveries were made in 1970’s, 1980’s and 1999 namely the OGS, Terrell and Kuluk gold showings respectively. It was again revived in 2017 when a ten (10) shallow hole drill program intersected gold in every hole but the explorer ran out of funds and abandoned the property with no follow-up ever conducted. All past explorers just scratched the surface with no drill holes below 90 meters on the entire property. Golden Rapture intends to revive this forgotten Lake of the Woods Gold Rush.

Upcoming Spring Exploration Program

A follow-up exploration program is currently being planned to further test the higher-grade veins and to further explore the property. We are presently discussing the next phase of exploration which weather permitting should start May 1st, 2024; weather permitting. Please stay tuned.

Qualified Person

The technical disclosure in this news release has been reviewed and approved by John Archibald, P.Geo., Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 of the Canadian Securities Administrators. Analytical Laboratory and QA/QC Procedures All sampling completed by Golden Rapture Mining Corporation within its exploration programs is subject to a Company standard of internal quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC) programs which include the insertion of certified reference materials, blank materials and a level of duplicate analysis. Surface samples from the 2022 and 2023 programs were all sent to Activation Laboratories. Activation Laboratories systems conform to requirements of ISO/IEC Standard 17025 guidelines and meets assay requirements outlined for NI 43-101.

About Golden Rapture Mining

Golden Rapture Mining is a well-funded exploration company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of high-potential assets located in favorable, established Tier 1 mining jurisdictions being the Rainy River and Geraldton areas of NW Ontario, Canada.

Our second property includes the past-producing Hutchison/Maylac Gold Mine located in the Geraldton Gold Camp, NW Ontario. It was one of the richest mines in the area and was mined underground on and off from 1937 to 1947. The highest historical drill intersection included results as high as 24.16 oz/t/gold. The property has only seen shallow drilling and was only mined to a depth of around 400ft.

On behalf of the Board
Richard Rivet, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 780-885-9385

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Highlights of all our Grab Sample Results to Date

High-Grade Gold Surface Grab Sample Results from the Phillips Township Property, Nester Falls, Rainy River District, NW Ontario. 

Oct 2022 and July 2023

Total of all Rock Samples Results to Date

Sample Number



204.005 g/t/Au


125.001 g/t/Au


109.003 g/t/Au


66.022 g/t/Au


61.102 g/t/Au


58.104 g/t/Au


43.701 g/t/Au


24.005 g/t/Au


22.300 g/t/Au


20.400 g/t/Au


14.200 g/t/Au


11.002 g/t/Au


9.360 g/t/Au


6.550 g/t/Au


6.490 g/t/Au


5.580 g/t/Au


5.540 g/t/Au


5.490 g/t/Au


5.350 g/t/Au


4.800 g/t/Au


4.081 g/t/Au


3.990 g/t/Au


3.940 g/t/Au


3.781 g/t/Au


3.672 g/t/Au


3.324 g/t/Au


3.295 g/t/Au


2.262 g/t/Au


2.224 g/t/Au


2.123 g/t/Au


1.752 g/t/Au


1.352 g/t/Au


1.290 g/t/Au


1.246 g/t/Au


1.111 g/t/Au


1.170 g/t/Au


1.050 g/t/Au


1.051 g/t/Au


0.964 g/t/Au


0.960 g/t/Au


0.909 g/t/Au


0.901 g/t/Au


0.855 g/t/Au


0.735 g/t/Au


0.733 g/t/Au


0.634 g/t/Au


0.604 g/t/Au


0.590 g/t/Au


0.577 g/t/Au


0.529 g/t/Au


0.458 g/t/Au


0.439 g/t/Au


0.424 g/t/Au


0.399 g/t/Au


0.365 g/t/Au


0.359 g/t/Au


0.358 g/t/Au


0.332 g/t/Au


0.320 g/t/Au


0.315 g/t/Au


0.306 g/t/Au


0.291 g/t/Au


0.257 g/t/Au


0.234 g/t/Au


0.217 g/t/AU


0.215 g/t/Au


0.212 g/t/Au


0.205 g/t/Au


0.197 g/t/Au


0.193 g/t/Au


0.183 g/t/Au


0.179 g/t/Au


0.157 g/t/Au


0.146 g/t/Au


0.143 g/t/Au


0.142 g/t/Au


0.130 g/t/Au


0.129 g/t/Au


0.126 g/t/Au


0.123 g/t/Au


0.121 g/t/Au


0.116 g/t/Au


0.112 g/t/Au


0.110 g/t/Au


0.109 g/t/Au



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